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Dynel is a trade name for a type of synthetic fiber used in fibre reinforced plastic composite materials, especially for marine applications. As it is easily dyed, it was also used to fabricate wigs. A copolymer of acrylonitrile and vinyl chloride, it shares many properties with both polyacrylonitrile (high abrasion resistance, good tensile strength) and PVC (flame resistance). It is an acrylic resin.

Dynel was originally produced by Union Carbide corporation.

Usage examples of "dynel".

The porno theaters and by-the-hour motels yield to botdnicas and bode gas outlets for Discos Latinos, an infinite array of food stands--taco joints, Peruvian seafood parlors, fast-food franchises-and first-rate Latino restaurants, beauty shops with windows guarded by Styrofoam skulls wearing blond Dynel wigs, Cuban bakeries, storefront medical and legal clinics, bars and social clubs.

An overhead spot shone on her straight, thick, cream-colored Dynel hair.

A wide corridor, glass doors at the end, and beyond them a paneled room, thick blue rug, and elegant blonde desk-table on a raised dais and, behind it with a look of polite and chilly query a slender princess with white dynel hair, glowing in the drama light of a little ceiling spot, who asked me in the beautiful clarity of the English upper class if she might be of service.

I trudged out into a hooing of damp and grisly wind, into the kind of gunmetal day when you wear your headlights turned on, and think of a roaring fire, hot buttered rum, a Dynel tigerskin, and a brown agile lass from Papeete.

But this Dynel fiber is rather fine, more consistent with garment material.

Dynel coat that was ripped up near the shoulder, looking like some whacko off the street.