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init. pennyweight (obsolete)


DWT may stand for:

  • Driving While Texting, Is the act of composing, sending, or reading text messages, email, or making other similar use of the internet on a mobile device, while operating a motor vehicle, such as an automobile, truck or train.
  • Dry weight
  • Discrete wavelet transform, a mathematical procedure in numerical analysis and functional analysis
  • Deadweight tons/tonnage, an expression of a ship's carrying capacity, including the weight of the crew, passengers, cargo, fuel, ballast, drinking water, and stores.
  • Deep Web Technologies, a software company that specializes in mining the deep Web
  • Detroit-Windsor Tunnel
  • Drowned World Tour, a successful 2001 concert tour by American singer Madonna.
  • Davis Wright Tremaine, a national business and litigation law firm representing clients in the United States and in China.
  • Dangerous World Tour,a successful 1992-1993 concert tour by Michael Jackson
  • Dorset Wildlife Trust, a wildlife trust covering the county of Dorset, United Kingdom
  • Diamonds World Tour, a concert tour by Rihanna.
  • Dynamic Web TWAIN, a TWAIN-based scanning SDK software specifically designed for web applications.

dwt may refer to:

  • Pennyweight, a unit of mass used in measuring the weight of gold

.dwt is a file extension used by several programs, including:

  • Adobe Dreamweaver Template
  • Dynamic Web Template
  • AutoCAD Template/Prototype