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Dweep is a puzzle game published in 1999 by Dexterity Software.

Dweep (disambiguation)

Dweep can refer to:

  • Dweep, 1999 computer game
  • Dweep, meaning "island", a compound in various name places in India
    • Jawahar Dweep/ Butcher Island
    • Kuruva Dweep
    • Chera Dweep/ St. Martin's Island
    • Lakshadweep, Union State in India composed of islands
    • Dweep Panchayat (Island Panchayat), part of the political system of the above
    • Lakshadweepa, "one hundred thousand islands" in Sanskrit, a poetical term, not related to actual geographical facts
    • Dweepa, 2002 film centering on an island