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a. Like, or characteristic of, a dweeb; nerdy, uncool.

Usage examples of "dweeby".

Think back to the sort of kids in high school or college who were into running for student office: dweeby, overgroomed, obsequious to authority, ambitious in a sad way.

He had chocolate soy goo on his dweeby tie, which had a pattern of pigs with wings.

And Danny was so nice to every girl, even the dweeby ones who were so immature.

He had a limp shake, and in fact, was kind of dweeby, but he looked nice enough.

With his dweeby jacket gone and his ugly necktie all askew like that, he looked quite fetching.

He was a little taller than me, athletic-looking, with dark hair, big eyes, and a face that would have been right at home in one of those dweeby rock bands girls are always going nuts for.

It was hard to believe this big buff bodyguard had been a dweeby little kid once.

The dork factor kicked in, though, because he was wearing really dweeby dark socks with his ratty sneakers.

She detested Angelina as too precious, and I hated Newman as the dweebiest name ever given.