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Dvin (ancient city)
For the modern-day village in the Republic of Armenia, see Dvin (village).

Dvin ( Classical , reformed: Դվին; ; also Duin or Dwin in ancient sources) was a large commercial city and the capital of early medieval Armenia. It was situated north of the previous ancient capital of Armenia, the city of Artaxata, along the banks of the Metsamor River, 35 km to the south of modern Yerevan. The site of the ancient city is currently not much more than a large hill located between modern Hnaberd (just off the main road through Hnaberd) and Verin Dvin, Armenia. Systematic excavations at Dvin that have proceeded since 1937 have produced an abundance of materials, which have shed light into the Armenian culture of the 5th to the 13th centuries.

Dvin (village)

Dvin (; also Nizhniy Dvin, Nerkin Dvin, and Dvin Armyanskiy) is a village in the Ararat Province of Armenia. It is located near the ruins of the ancient city of Dvin.


Dvin may refer to:

  • Dvin (ancient city), an ancient city and one of the historic capitals of Armenia
  • Dvin (village), a modern village in Armenia named after the nearby ancient city of Dvin
  • Verin Dvin, a village in the Ararat Province of Armenia
  • FC Dvin Artashat, a dissolved Armenian football club from Artashat (1982–1999)