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Van Duyn was ahorse with his rifle and was followed by the deCourteneys, with Gabrielle in boyish hose and jerkin, and the other eleven, mostly young, with two women among them.

Van Duyn was to discover that the two preferred them whenever possible.

All things being equal, Van Duyn agreed with Andre: the reptile was the match of the brutal ogre-guards in the Court at Earthfast.

Kisst-Haa bowed to her, boomed briefly in his own sibilant tongue, bowed to Van Duyn and set off again on his nameless errand.

Van Duyn had noticed a number of them since coming to the city and wondered about their use.

Van Duyn sucked in his breath as she stepped into the light, stricken as so many had been by their first look at her.

As she paused to toss it to the majordomo, Van Duyn studied the arresting profile.

Andre and Van Duyn were looking on with some amusement, but Gabrielle stared poisoned daggers at him.

Just as he was considering violating etiquette by suggesting that the Princess allow the bowman out front, Van Duyn dismounted and, taking his rifle in hand, walked over to stand near her.

Van Duyn, standing on the extreme left of the company as Katya clapped her hands and cheered, was first to catch a glimpse of a brown blur breaking from the foliage on his left.

Reacher, who had pivoted and dropped into guard to face the second swine just before Van Duyn had fired, gazed from the dead quarry to its slayer in calm curiosity, head tilted inquisitively.

Andre or Van Duyn could muster an answer, Springbuck seized the initiative.

All had intended to take part in the journey, and those not chosen to go were disappointed and were mollified only when Van Duyn took them aside to explain the commission of war with which they were to be invested as guerrillas.

Van Duyn spoke at length, fascinating the Prince, about his home and the great documents and statements of his Reality and his nation.

As Van Duyn and the Prince trotted to the head of the band, the older man unslung his rifle from his shoulder.