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DUV may refer to one of the following

  • DUV, "Druck- und Verlagshaus Frankfurt am Main", the publisher Frankfurter Rundschau.
  • Diffey weighted UV irradiance
  • DÜV (Dampfkessel Überwachungsverein), Steam Boiler Inspectorate Organization

Usage examples of "duv".

Commodore Duv Galeni, chief of Komarran Affairs for ImpSec, preparing for the day when the whole show would be replayed on Komarr.

Miles would offer Vorkosigan House to Duv as a sanctuary, except the girls would certainly track him there.

More than one eye drifted to Duv Galeni, whose jaw tightened slightly.

She began to speak again, but was interrupted by the double doors to the library swinging wide, and Miles escorting Commodore Duv Galeni out through the anteroom.

Greatly have washed the tides of time since the children of the mother goddess Duv gave up the sunlit lands to the Mothers of men.

Mothers ruled, like the Great Mother Duv who had granted the land to them, then was there peace for the most part, is it not so?

We children of Duv are those who have lived long and remembered magics and mysteries out of the Beginnings.

The Vorbrettens, the rest of the Koudelka clan, Duv Galeni, Tsipis, Ma Kosti, Pym, even Enrique .

Commodore Duv Galeni, who is the new Chief of Komarran Affairs for Imperial Security.

Komarr, reporting directly to Duv Galeni at ImpSec HQ in Vorbarr Sultana.

But mostly, he wondered how he could avoid Duv Galeni for the next few weeks.

Tomorrow he would formally invite company to dinner, he decided, Duv and Delia and the rest of the Koudelkas, by choice.

So, the ambassador, who had known Duv Galeni some two years, thought in terms of multiple possibilities too.

In that, in the coil of the hands, flare of the nostril, iron of the mouth, stiffness of the neck, Ser Galen and Duv Galeni were as one.