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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ a dusky museum
▪ A long-tailed, hawk-like bird emerged from the trees, dusky shape in the gloom.
▪ By 8: 25 it is quite dusky, and the hermit thrushes are just coming into stride.
▪ I stood in the middle of the dusky field and let Janir slump against my back.
▪ On day 6 the ileostomy became dusky red and biopsy revealed early cellular rejection without loss of epithelium.
▪ Rachel's skin turned dusky gold.
▪ Reese is in Hawaii, chasing maidens of dusky hue.
▪ The dusky salamander lives in the southern Appalachian Mountains, and likes to stay at home.
▪ The only faces that greeted them belonged to sundry dead abbots glaring down from dusky oil paintings.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Dusky \Dusk"y\, a.

  1. Partially dark or obscure; not luminous; dusk; as, a dusky valley.

    Through dusky lane and wrangling mart.

  2. Tending to blackness in color; partially black; dark-colored; not bright; as, a dusky brown.

    When Jove in dusky clouds involves the sky.

    The figure of that first ancestor invested by family tradition with a dim and dusky grandeur.

  3. Gloomy; sad; melancholy.

    This dusky scene of horror, this melancholy prospect.

  4. Intellectually clouded.

    Though dusky wits dare scorn astrology.
    --Sir P. Sidney.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1550s, "somewhat dark," from dusk + -y (2). Related: Duskiness.


a. Dimly lit, as at dusk (evening). n. 1 A dusky shark. 2 A dusky dolphin.

  1. adj. lighted by or as if by twilight; "The dusky night rides down the sky/And ushers in the morn"-Henry Fielding; "the twilight glow of the sky"; "a boat on a twilit river" [syn: twilight(a), twilit]

  2. naturally having skin of a dark color; "a dark-skinned beauty"; "gold earrings gleamed against her dusky cheeks"; "a smile on his swarthy face"; "`swart' is archaic" [syn: dark-skinned, swart, swarthy]

  3. [also: duskiest, duskier]


Dusky is an electronic music duo from London consisting of Alfie Granger-Howell and Nick Harriman. Formed in 2011, they have released on labels such Anjunadeep, Simple Records, Dogmatik Records, Aus Music and Naked Naked, before setting up their own label 17 Steps in July 2014 with the release of the Love Taking Over EP.

Dusky's house and techno sound is influenced by jazz, classical, and avant-garde electronica. Their music has been played by DJs such as Pete Tong, Maya Jane Coles, Boddika, Mark Knight, and Laurent Garnier.

Before the formation of Dusky, the duo already made music under the name of 'Solarity'.

Usage examples of "dusky".

With a gesture of protestation the Basha waved one of the hands on which his dusky muzzle had rested.

Accompanied only by Granon Bekke, she walked through the city gates at Half-Twelfth of a warm, dusky evening.

In consequence the pulse grows small and weak, and the patient cannot exercise or labor as usual, and finally the lower limbs begin to swell, then the face and body, the skin looks dusky, the appetite is impaired, the kidneys become diseased, there is difficulty in breathing, and the patient, it is said, dies of dropsy, yet dropsy was the result of a disease of the heart, which retarded the circulation and enfeebled the system, and which was actually the primary cause of death.

As the full meaning of the scene dawned upon her she started to her feet, looking wonderfully beautiful amongst those dusky forms, and extending her hands to me began to cry in the most piteous way.

So delightful was the sudden change of circumstances that I became quite boyish, and seizing the old man in my exuberance by the hands, dragged him to his feet, and danced him round and round in a circle, while his ancient hair flapped about his head, his skin cloak waved from his shoulders like a pair of dusky wings and half-eaten cakes, dried flesh, glittering jewels, broken diadems, and golden finger-rings were flung in an arc about us.

From seeking her that night, so I reclined Amidst a group, where on the utmost plain A festal watchfire burned beside the dusky main.

Langdon gazed through the dusky ghostliness toward the back of the cathedral and studied the outer walls.

They had hunted and guzzled and gambled together, and Aahmes had complained privately to Amboola about the queen, whose cruel heart was as cunning and treacherous as her dusky body was desirable.

Only the popping, hissing fire and the sturdy young Lache remained sharp and clear in the dusky room.

In speaking so fiercely it was Levet he had in mind, who, following a dusky courtship in a coal-hole in Fetter Lane, had shackled himself to a woman later arrested for the picking of pockets.

I am a daughter of Luxur, and before I had known fifteen summers I had been led through the temples of Derketo, the dusky goddess, and had been initiated into the mysteries.

The dusky sharpshooter had picked Mund from the struggle at a range of more than two hundred yards.

The American Exchange was a good place to buy a field hand or a cook, dark-skinned as you please, but for a fancy girl, one of the young dusky octaroon beauties that Julian preferred, you had to come to the French Exchange.

And then at length with the great red umbrella of royalty held over him, came the Sultan himself, the elderly sensualist, with his dusky cheeks, his rheumy eyes, his thick lips, and his heavy nostrils.

Drake had seen the scene often enough without wanting to play a part in it: dusky coconut culture serves as exotic backdrop for Anglo fantasies of global gaming and sexual derring-do under the rule that out in the non-Christian hinterlands there are no rules, no one is what he seems, and the congenial Welsh twosome you meet over rijsttafel in a restaurant whose wall murals depict a subtle range of lovemaking are, in actuality, ruthless agents of a foreign power who have selected you and your beautiful wife to play unwilling but critical roles in their horrid terrorist scheme.