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Crossword clues for durn

  1. (context US informal English) euphemism for darn, in itself a euphemism for damn. adv. darn; damned; extremely. interj. (context US informal English) euphemism for darn, in itself a euphemism for damn. v

  2. (context slang English) Rhotized pronunciation of doing.

Usage examples of "durn".

That durn red thing coming out of the ground, and killing our driller and Sam Sands got me kinda worried!

Legs, snuck him into some upstanding hotel where no durn greasy redskins was allowed.

Durn flatly refused Lyeth his permission to book passage on an iceboat or engage one of her own.

Twenty-three skiddoo, where even a durn policeman cant even pass by without a bottle of beer or a apple or a handful of peanuts put right in his hand before he can even ask for it.

Don’t recall saying that, ‘but it’s true and I durned near got killed learning it.

Be durned if I’ll offer any fancy explanations but—what happens when you control machinery by positive feedback?

Once she understood it, she had a grasp of the notions of venture and risk and profit—but I did not pay her for this accounting I was durned if I would pay purser’s wages to figure her own money when I was not only having to check everything she did but was giving her a lesson in economics as well.

If everything goes well, we can talk about letting one of you get on the ground with me next trip though durned if I don’t think a stacked redhead is more conspicuous than an unidentified flying object.

Conscription, I’m durned if I’ll try to explain that term to girls who just barely know what a war is, but it means “slave armies”—and it means to me that I should have asked Isistar to make me look at least twice the apparent age I look now.

Mama Maureen— I’m durned if I’ll call you ‘Grandmother’ again—all I’m sure of is that I’m not sure of the date of your death, and I’m glad I’m not, and you should be.

Then we spotted yerself flying about on that durned winged horse and so we came to find ye.

He brought his right foot forward about an inch and I durned near laughed at him, but then from behind me came a warm, rich voice and it spoke clear and plain.

Belden came back and durned if he hadn't hired several men to guard the herd so's we could have a night in town .

No worse 'n most men, the cunning man thought, and thet's a durned poor lot.

This night, Old Nathan was in a mood to speak phrases that would blast the bones right out of the durned old beast.