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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Dur \Dur\, a. [G., fr. L. durus hard, firm, vigorous.] (Mus.) Major; in the major mode; as, C dur, that is, C major. [1913 Webster] ||


a. (label en music obsolete) major; in the major mode


DUR or Dur may refer to:

  • King Shaka International Airport, an airport with IATA code DUR
  • County Durham, a county in England with ISO 3166-2:GB code DUR
  • Detroit United Railway, an interurban railway in southeast Michigan
  • Drug Utilization Review, a review of a drug to determine effectiveness, potential dangers, problems with drug interaction, and other issues
  • Dur, Iran (disambiguation)
  • The inscription on stop signs in Turkey

Usage examples of "dur".

Hanging there high above Pfarb Durim, turn your head back toward the east and notice how all the lands between this city and the Wastes of Bleer lie flat and without barrier.

If we stay on this road along the valley it will take us to the place called Poffle, below Pfarb Durim, and it is my understanding that one would do well to avoid the place.

Pfarb Durim and Poffle, but those besiegers cannot see what is going on.

Dur ing the rest of the day they went about their routine as usual, hoping against hope that the French Armies, which were now between Rheims and the enemy, would be able not only to defend the City but to drive the Germans still farther toward the Rhine.

Late in the Day of the Lion in the eighteenth month of Second Summer in Year 24, as the merchants of Farfara measure time, the estate of Mer Tadeo dur li Marar began to fill with people arriving from cities and estates across the planet.

She went first to the campmaster to ask whether he knew of a wagon going to Pfarb Durim, following his laconic directions to a large encampment among the trees in the river bottom.

However, almost immediately after "he was fund be the burrow officers, quha went about him stranglit and hangit be the cruik of the dur, with ane tait of hemp (or a string maid of hemp, supposed to haif been his garters, or string of his bonnet) not above the length of two span long, hi kneyis not being from the grund half ane span, and was brocht out of the hous, his lyf not being so layt expellit: but notwithstanding of quhat-somever meines usit to the contrair for remeid of his lyf, he revievit not, but so endit his lyf miserable by the help of the devill his maister.

She wondered what diet the arrogant Huld had eaten, whether he had been cossetted with dainties from Pfarb Durim or fed from childhood on the horrors of the pit.

The dowager's fingers rested on the map, on the aforenamed beach and the island of Dur.

Nor had Father Dur lost his conviction that the Holy Catholic Apostolic Church continued to be humankind’.

She sat and gnawed her mustaches, wishing she dared talk back and forth with Dur Tahar over there, who assuredly knew something about kifish mentality.

At the designated place, Shaddam came to a stop and turned to face the High Priest of Dur, who now held the glittering Imperial crown on a gilded pillow.

This Dur Ajmad was far more popular than Jal Had, his influence with the army, outside of Jal Had's personal troops, being great.