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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Duper \Dup"er\ (d[=u]p"[~e]r), n. One who dupes another.


n. a person who dupes another


Duper may refer to:

  • Duper Sessions, the third album by Norwegian singer/songwriter and guitarist Sondre Lerche
  • Mark Duper (born 1959), former American football wide receiver
  • Super Duper (supermarket chain), now-defunct chain of super markets once prevalent in north-eastern PA, NY, and OH
  • Super Duper Love (Are You Diggin' on Me), song by Willie "Sugar Billy" Garner, released in 1975
  • Super Duper Sumos, animated series with crimefighting sumo wrestlers on an adventure and fighting using their buttocks
  • Super-Duper Man, novelty single by Dickie Goodman released on Wacko Records in 1981

Usage examples of "duper".

Zeek the Meek and Super Duper, characters Hannah had made up in stories for Josh when he was a toddler.