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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Dupe \Dupe\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Duped (d[=u]pt); p. pr. & vb. n. Duping.] [Cf. F. duper, fr. dupe. See Dupe, n.] To deceive; to trick; to mislead by imposing on one's credulity; to gull; as, dupe one by flattery.

Ne'er have I duped him with base counterfeits. -- Coleridge.


vb. (en-past of: dupe)

Usage examples of "duped".

I beg to inform you that I am not simple enough to allow myself to be duped, and, what is worse, cheated in such a manner.

I was not going to be duped, and I thought that a woman who had been paid one hundred thousand ducats was well worth some study.

The high-ranking officer, recently returned from establishing a military outpost on the Unallied Planet of Caladan, made an astonishing announcement concerning what he had done with the corrupted Omnius core through the duped robot captain who had delivered his deadly updates to many Synchronized Worlds.

She was duped by this stratagem, and compelled me to pass a handkerchief over her face, and was then obliged to look at me.

The magistrate was acquainted with the girl, and the mother laughed at having duped me so easily.

I resolved to avenge myself by leaving her to her fate, feeling that I could not allow myself to be duped as I had been.

I was possibly duped by her, but I did not trouble myself to think whether I was or not.

I was not long before I called on Raton, but not wishing to be duped by her I took due precautions.

I thought his advice very considerate, particularly when I saw that all the punters lost, and that the Greek, very calm in the midst of the insulting treatment of those he had duped, was pocketing his money, after handing a share to the officer who had taken an interest in the bank.

Peter's knife for rather more than it was worth, I confess that I have not yet repented on his account, for Capitani thought he had duped me in accepting it as security for the amount he gave me, and the count, his father, valued it until his death as more precious than the finest diamond in the world.

The state messenger who ordered him to leave London has convinced him the English minister was not duped by the demand for his person to be given up, made by the Comte d'Afri in the name of the king to the States-General.

Yet I have often been duped by Frenchmen, and never by Spaniards--a proof that we ought to mistrust our tastes.

One took the north and the other the south of Europe, and both cheated and duped whenever the opportunity for doing so presented itself.

  True men know Ishido for what he is, and also know that the Emperor's been duped again.

Vor had accepted the cause of the Jihad, not as a duped fool or an unquestioning fanatic, but as a proficient military commander with the skills General Agamemnon had taught him.