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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Dup \Dup\ (d[u^]p), v. t. [Contr. fr. do up, that is, to lift up the latch. Cf. Don, Doff.] To open; as, to dup the door. [Obs.]


vb. to open (a door, gate etc.)


Dup or DUP may refer to:

Dup (system call)

In Unix-like operating systems, dup and dup2 system calls create a copy of a given file descriptor. This new descriptor actually does not behave like a copy, but like an alias of the old one.

Usage examples of "dup".

He yelled a question about his dup equipment to his mother, and before she could answer remembered where it had been stored.

Zeek the Meek and Super Duper, characters Hannah had made up in stories for Josh when he was a toddler.

         Tomorrow is Saint Valentine's day,          All in the morning betime,          And I a maid at your window          To be your Valentine          Then up he rose and donned his clothes,          And dupped the chamber door.