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a. (context geology English) Featuring or formed into dunes.

Usage examples of "duned".

She led them up an outside staircase, across a rooftop terrace duned with dust, and then up a rotted wooden ladder past shuttered windows to a higher rooftop.

Even on this duned shore, the plants should quickly grow over the nondegradable materials left, and it really wasn't a concern.

The warmth of the sun made it easy for Edie Marsh to think of the duned shores at the Vineyard, or the private beaches of Manalapan.

The fountains were off, their basins dry and duned by clumps of litter.

Moonlight covered the huge bulk of the Sandhold and the wide ridge of the Sandwall with a suggestion of evanescence, lay across the duned waste of the Great Desert like the caress of a lover.

The sand was white and duned, and the water clear beyond, but the beach overwhelmed with garbage, great heaps of it, and broken boats.

Below, orange and brown sand, ridged and duned, stretched as far as the eye could see.

Dust and sand had duned at the bottom of it, and someone had tagged the walls with ballooning purple graffiti.