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interj. 1 Disdainful indication that something is obvious. 2 Indication of mock stupidity.


Duh may refer to:

  • Duh (album), a 1992 album by the punk rock band Lagwagon
  • "Duh", a song by female rapper Brianna
  • Dyschromatosis universalis hereditaria, a hereditary skin disorder
  • Toledo Suburban Airport's FAA LID code
  • Dungra Bhil language's ISO 639-3 language code
Duh (album)

Duh is the debut full-length album released by the punk rock band Lagwagon.

Usage examples of "duh".

And in less time than it takes to say "Operation Rescue," Fred had Ma, Duh, men, women, Lin-Say, Jos-Feen, Sam, and me on one side of the boulder.

He took us all out dis mornin' an' stood us to duh bigges' dinner in town.

All I pays attention to is duh ball from duh time it gets to about two meters away from me.