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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

from Irish Dubhagan, diminutive of dubh "black."

Dugan (crater)

Dugan is a lunar crater that is located on the northern part of the Moon's far side. It lies to the southwest of the large walled plain Schwarzschild, and due north of the crater Compton.

This is a heavily worn and eroded crater with an outer wall that forms an irregular ring of peaks and valleys surrounding the relatively featureless interior floor. The crater is now little more than a circular depression in the rugged lunar terrain. The crater features have a softened appearance, possibly due to overlying ejecta from the much larger Schwarzschild and Compton impacts.


Dugan or Duggan is an Irish surname derived from Ó Dubhagáinn.

Dugan (disambiguation)

Dugan or Duggan is an Irish surname (and a list of people with the name).

Dugan or Duggan may also refer to:

Usage examples of "dugan".

When talking to Bishop Dugan in the Diocese office, he had used all the correct buzzwords of the time to express this unease: anomie, urban malaise, an increasing lack of empathy, a sense of disconnection from the life of the spirit.

Dugan, this is the Baltimore City Police and I'm calling about your daughter Muriel.

The dark giant acquired a habit of scowling blackly at Renny, and expectorating in a most annoying fashion when Renny, playing the part of Champ Dugan to its utmost, began bragging about what a great fighter he was in the air and on the ground.

Dale had become unwontedly talkative and Froud was watching with a quiet amusement the enthusiastic back slapping in progress between him, the doctor and Dugan.

If Dugan didn't come out of his tailspin in thirty or forty seconds, he would haul ass.

The other three roomers with any call to have been upstairs in the wee small hours when the fire was set had all died with Widow Dugan and her lover cum hired hand.

Turning with a frown, he was just in time to watch Admiral Dugan himself step into the room followed immediately by the hefty bulk of a man whose visage now hung in the wardroom of every ship in the Imperial Fleet: Onrad V, Grand Galactic Emperor, Prince of the Reggio Star Cluster, and Rightful Protector of the Heavens.

I'll buy that toasted cadaver hauled out of the Dugan rooming house as the real Brick Flanders, if you'll let me run over to Durango with a federal writ allowing me to open the so-called grave of the late Calvert Tyger.