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Duga (genus)

Duga is a genus of moth in the family Geometridae.

Duga (magazine)

Duga (Дуга; meaning Rainbow in English) was a high circulation Yugoslav and Serbian biweekly newsmagazine, which was published from the early 1970s until the 2000s by the Belgrade-based BIGZ publishing company. It had a predecessor which was closed in the 1960s.


Duga can refer to:

  • Duga (genus), genus of moths
  • Duga-3, Soviet radar system deployed 1976-1989
    • Duga-1 and Duga-2, prototypes of Duga-3
  • Duga (magazine), Yugoslav and Serbian weekly newsmagazine
  • Shaft bow, element of horse harness to attach to vehicle shaft
  • Duga Island, island in Adriatic Sea, belonging to Croatia
  • Duga Resa, municipality in Karlovac County, Croatia
  • Duga, Podgorica, town in Podgorica Municipality, Montenegro
  • Duga, Nikšić, town in Nikšić Municipality, Montenegro
  • Duga, Štimlje, town in Štimlje municipality, Kosovo