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The Collaborative International Dictionary

doofus \doo"fus\, n. a person who is stupid or inept; -- used contemptuously.

Syn: dingdong, ding-a-ling. [PJC]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

see doofus.


alt. (context colloquial English) An inept or stupid person. n. (context colloquial English) An inept or stupid person.

Dufus (band)

Dufus is an American band, led by Seth Faergolzia since 1997. The band is known (affectionately) for their revolving door membership, where they may start one tour with two members, and the next with upwards of twenty.1 Seth Faergolzia (Seth Hebert) is the mainstay of the group but sometimes tours as a solo artist. He is also a sculptor, clothing designer and author. The music itself is difficult to pin down, as it is primarily experimental in nature, but still manages to maintain a melodic centre. Justin Cober-Lake, in his 1:3:1 review for PopMatters puts it simply, "If all this sounds crazy to you, you're on the right track."

In 2010, since the dissolution of Dufus, Seth has been heading an ever-evolving musical endeavor known as 23 Psaegz.

Usage examples of "dufus".

Mildred, his wife, was her typical cheery self, cooking oatmeal in the kitchen, while Dufus, her purebred Boston Terrier puppy, skittered around sideways and walleyed and looking for something else to chew, or pee or poop on.

Whenever Packer came within scent, Dufus was airborne and in grass and squatting and relieving other basic functions that meant nothing to Dufus.

W Packer was thinking about Brazil, too, as the editor earned Dufus out the back door, like a small, squirming football, headed for the same Japanese maple.