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n. (context mineral English) A particular kind of vitreous or dull, olive-green to grey-green orthorhombic mineral.


Duftite is a relatively common arsenate mineral with the formula CuPb(AsO)(OH), related to conichalcite. It is green and often forms botryoidal aggregates. It is a member of the adelite- descloizite Group, Conichalcite-Duftite Series. Duftite and conichalcite specimens from Tsumeb are commonly zoned in color and composition. Microprobe analyses and X-ray powder-diffraction studies indicate extensive substitution of Zn for Cu, and Ca for Pb in the duftite structure. This indicates a solid solution among conichalcite, CaCu(AsO )(OH), austinite, CaZn(AsO)(OH) and duftite PbCu(AsO)(OH), all of them belonging to the adelite group of arsenates. It was named after Mining Councilor G Duft, Director of the Otavi Mine and Railroad Company, Tsumeb, Namibia. The type locality is the Tsumeb Mine, Tsumeb, Otjikoto Region, Namibia.