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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ By refraining I have no doubt I shall receive the silent blessings of the multitude of duffers among whom I find myself.
▪ I think a lot of people feel vaguely when they see two duffers marrying that the duffers must prefer it that way.
▪ I was never your prototypical duffer.
▪ Oliver says he is a duffer, but keeps him on because he is so helpless and lonesome.
▪ The agent's an awful duffer when it comes to dates.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Duffer \Duf"fer\, n. One who duffs cattle, etc. [Australia]

Unluckily, cattle stealers are by no means so rare as would be desirable; they are locally known as duffers.


Duffer \Duf"fer\, n.

  1. (Mining) See Shicer.

  2. (Zo["o]l.) Any common domestic pigeon.


Duffer \Duf"fer\, n.

  1. A peddler or hawker, especially of cheap, flashy articles, as sham jewelry; hence, a sham or cheat. [Slang, Eng.]

  2. A stupid, awkward, inefficient person.[Slang]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"inept person; old man," especially "bad golfer," 1842, perhaps from Scottish duffar "dull or stupid person," from dowf "stupid," literally "deaf," from Old Norse daufr, with pejorative suffix -art. Or perhaps from 18c. thieves' slang duff (v.) "to dress or manipulate an old thing and make it look new."


a. (en-comparative of: duff) n. 1 (context informal English) An incompetent or clumsy person. 2 (context sports English) A player having little skill, especially a golfer who duffs. 3 (context archaic English) A pedlar or hawker, especially one selling cheap or substandard goods. 4 (context archaic English) Cheap or substandard goods sold by a duffer. 5 A cow that does not produce milk. 6 (context Australia dated English) A cattle thief; one who alters the brands of cattle. 7 Any common domestic pigeon.


n. an incompetent or clumsy person; "as a golfer he was only a duffer"


Duffer may refer to:

  • Duffer (Narnia), invisible dwarves in the Chronicles of Narnia
  • “Duffer,” in Australian English, a person occupied in cattle raiding
  • A weak player in the game of chess

In biology:

  • Discophora (butterfly), a genus of butterflies commonly known as Duffers
    • Banded Duffer ( Discophora deo), a butterfly found in Asia
    • Common Duffer ( Discophora sondaica), a butterfly found in Southeast Asia
    • Great Duffer ( Discophora timora), a butterfly found in South Asia
    • Southern Duffer ( Discophora lepida), a butterfly found in India

Usage examples of "duffer".

I can see myself down in the country, a conscientious sort of duffer, sending up people to see Sir Christopher Hazzard.

Platner duffers were an offence and an infliction, and his impulse was to rid himself of such sources of irritation.

Not exactly Everest, but quite sufficient challenge for the duffers we were, particularly in winter.

They had to come back and own that they were beat, which put Goring in a rage and made the inspector, Sir Ferdinand Morringer, blow them all up for a lot of duffers and old women.

Blessed if I ever saw such a lot of duffers in my life as there are on this side.

The cosmopolitan Antiochenes returned the compliment, regarding Romans as mere duffers in depravity, philistines in art, but capable in war and government, and consequently to be feared, if not respected.

The Duffers were also very pleased with their new name of Monopods, which seemed to them a magnificent name though they never got it right.

Duffers were also very pleased with their new name of Monopods, which seemed to them a magnificent name though they never got it right.

She walked me around the room three times showing me a bunch of old duffers in wigs and knee-breeches, and half-dressed women with caps or curls.

I looked like Mother Goodwill's older brother—as ill-tempered an old duffer as ever gnashed his gums at the carryings-on of the younger generation.

One of them explained that it was like some rich weekend duffer hiring Arnold Palmer to shoot the final round of the Greater Cleveland Elks golf tourney for him.

The film industry is full of thriving duffers and speechless millionaires.

He seemed a typical military duffer, with his check jacket and toothbrush mustache.