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n. 1 (plural of dude English) 2 (qualifier: as a collective noun) Any group of people, regardless of gender.

Dudes (film)

Dudes is a 1987 film directed by Penelope Spheeris and written by Randall Jahnson.

Dudes (album)

Dudes is the sixth full-length album by singer-songwriter David Mead.

The majority of songs that appear on the album were chosen by a group of fans who were a part of the Kickstarter campaign to fund Dudes. Of the 15 demos that fans were given to audition, 11 made the final cut; "Curled Up in the Corner" was added during recording sessions for the album in January 2011. The songs that didn't make the cut were "On My Street," "Milk Baby," "The National Conference for Sales Managers," and "Plain White Men."

The official release date for Dudes was November 15, 2011, but fans who contributed to its Kickstarter campaign began receiving their autographed copies of the album during the week of September 19.

Usage examples of "dudes".

In her years working for various departments of the floating alphabet soup that was Uncle's way of sliding under Congress's radar, she had taken apart some dudes who thought they were the toughest men ever to swing their balls when they walked.

Now, if you ask me, I think we should roust those sleeping dudes upstairs and leave for your lodge at dawn or as soon afterward as it stops raining.

The hard ride hadn’t been easy on the two dudes, who weren’t accustomed either to riding or to the increasingly thin air as the trail climbed toward timberline.

Most dudes can’t find their way downhill without directions and a hard push.

Tipped off some bad dudes about where and when the pickings were good, yeah.

There's a lot of dudes who ain't got the bread to make it into law school and we.

Shit, look, I've got to hang up, but you tell the dudes that I've been working.

Thousands of people mill around, sitting on the green grass with children, eating hot dogs, tortillas, soda pop, singing, smoking, smiling, pretty girls, young dudes a little drunk, falling, jumping, horsing around, a picnic, a Saturday afternoon in the park, groups of bearded men, strong men in brown khaki, in brown brogans.

I can hear the dudes who presently live in my own pad on Sixth Street.

Three dudes walk out with a hundred thousand and disappear into the night.

They elected a brother as sheriff and now it's cool, least the bad dudes aren't wearing badges.

You set up a traveling highdiving show, a big operation, Dennis Lenahan's Dive-O-Rama, bunch of young good-looking dudes, some cute girls that dive, but you're the name, World Champion Dennis Lenahan, been doing it twenty-two years.

Two of the Outfit dudes wanted a cut of the land development business, the manufactured homes?

It’ll make it easy for all the cosmically uncool redneck dudes running loose out there to make it hard for us.

I mean, a couple of white cops got to bust a bunch of meddlesome black dudes in Camden, and that was gold stars on them.