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Duane may refer to:

  • Duane, New York, a US town
  • Duane syndrome, a rare type of strabismus
  • Duane Barry, 29th episode of The X-Files
  • Duane Hopwood, a 2005 film featured in the Sundance Film Festival
  • USCGC Duane (WPG-33), a US Coast Guard cutter and artificial-reef shipwreck
  • Duane (surname), people with the surname Duane
  • Duane (given name), people with the given name Duane
Duane (surname)

Duane is a surname. Notable persons with that surname include:

  • Anthony Duane (1679–1747), Irish born American congressman, Mayor of New York City and judge
  • Diane Duane (born 1952), American science fiction and fantasy author
  • James Duane (1733–1797), American lawyer, jurist, and Revolutionary leader
  • James Duane (professor) (born 1959), American legal academic
  • James Chatham Duane (1824–1897), American engineering officer in the Union Army during the American Civil War
  • Michael Duane (1915–1997), Irish-born British progressive educationalist and headteacher
  • Thomas Duane (born 1955), American member of the New York State Senate
  • William Duane (physicist) (1872–1935), American physicist
  • William John Duane (1780–1865), Irish born American politician and lawyer
  • Thomas Sean Duane (born 1962), American artist, fashion designer and technologist
Duane (given name)

Duane is both a given name for a male, and a family name. It seems to have a convergent etymology from several sources. The name comes from St. Dubhán, a Welsh monk who established an abbey in Hook Head, Ireland during the 5th century. As a surname it is O'Dubhain, or Dubhan. Dubhain was a popular given name in 16th century southern Ireland. Anglicized form is Duane. In Gaelic "dubh" means "little dark one".

Many people may claim that one of the name's origins is the Norman "D'Wain" ("of Wagons") or the Old English version meaning "field" or "meadow". However, Duane is an anglicized version of the Gaelic "Dubhan", meaning little and dark as "Dubh" means dark and "an" is a diminutive suffix.

In the United States, "Duane" became a very popular name around the 1920s and remained one of the 200 most popular names for about 50 years. The similar spelling " Dwayne" was adapted as time went on, most likely because of the also popular name "Wayne". "Dwayne" eventually became the more preferred spelling, especially in the southern U.S. "Duane" still remains a more popular spelling in northern-Midwest states such as Minnesota, Michigan, and North Dakota.

Usage examples of "duane".

Even Blennerhassett was approached by Jefferson’s henchman, the editor Duane, and told that if he would fully incriminate me all charges would be dropped against him.

Duane rented a small adobe house on the outskirts of town and moved the family into it.

It was the Kinabica police and court records of Duane Alden, beginning with his juvenile arrest and cautions for shoplifting, vehicle theft, and aggravated assault.

A party was already in full swing in the green room: Keith was arm wrestling with Duane.

The Colonel's wrath, under circumstances where almost any Texan would have been cool, nonplussed Duane, and he put it down to a choleric temperament.

On the second day, a construction worker operating a mixer on Duane Street told me Tommy looked like a guy doing carpentry renovation on a project on the Lower East Side.

Duane questioned the lad about Fairdale and gradually drew to the subject most in mind.

Duane stayed in there for a while, and knew that strangers were too common in Fairdale to be conspicuous.

Duane decided that Sanderson, Bradford, and Ord were but notorious outposts to this Fairdale, which was a secret center of rustlers and outlaws.

Duane had left Fairdale with his party by night, passed through Sanderson in the early hours of dawn, and reached Bradford as he had planned.

Duane stolidly replaced the gear levers and plate and started to tighten the nuts.

But just as a lay person with no more training than any teacher gets, I'd guess high-functioning autistic for both of them, Duane and Jim.

There were mesquites on the ridge, and Duane sought the shade beneath them.

Captain Duane Lewis peered through his binoculars at the big container ship that was approaching from the south less than a nautical mile away.

Duane Fisk, the officer assigned as my trainer and second, warned me about overtraining, but I ignored him and kept pushing up until forty-eight hours before the bout.