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DTE may refer to:

  • Data terminal equipment, an end instrument used in telecommunication and data transmission
  • Distance to empty, a feature in an automobile electronic instrument cluster
  • Dithioerythritol, a chemical
  • DTE (direct to edit), a digital video recording method
  • DTE80, the Microsoft Development Environment 8.0 Extensibility namespace
  • DTE Energy, a Detroit, Michigan-based utility
  • Desktop Engineering Ltd, a UK-based company involved in engineering software
  • Dora the Explorer, a children's animated television show.
  • Dual-Tile encoding, another name for byte pair encoding
DTE (direct to edit)

DTE (direct to edit) is a digital video direct-to-disk recording method (and also refers to the associated equipment) used to streamline the post-production video editing workflow of raw video files into a Non-linear editing system (NLE). Recent developments have added solid-state memory recording units with removable modules or flash-cards, to avoid potential hard-drive problems.