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DTA may refer to:

  • Death to America
  • Deferred tax assets, an accounting concept
  • Democratic Turnhalle Alliance, a political party in Namibia
  • Dental Technologists Association
  • Detainee Treatment Act
  • Development trust association
  • Differential thermal analysis
  • Digital television adapter, a digital-to-analog converter
  • Digital telephone adapter, (also known as a Telephone VoIP Adapter)
  • Digital transport adapter
  • Divisão de Transportes Aéreos, the former name of TAAG Angola Airlines
  • Docosatetraenoic acid
  • Domestic Tariff Area
  • Don't Trust Anyone, the central theme of clothing company DTA Posse
  • Double Tax Agreement, another name for a Tax treaty
  • DownThemAll!, a download manager/accelerator extension for Mozilla Firefox
  • Downtown Annapolis Maryland
  • Dublin Transport Authority, another name for the National Transport Authority, the proposed transport authority for Dublin, Ireland
  • Duluth Transit Authority
  • .dta, a file format used by:
    • Stata, a statistics application
    • sequest, a tandem mass spectrometry data analysis program used for protein identification
  • D-threonine aldolase, an enzyme
  • DTA sarl, a French ultralight aircraft manufacturer