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DSL (disambiguation)

DSL or digital subscriber line is a family of technologies that provide digital data transmission over the wires of a local telephone network.

DSL may also refer to:

  • Damn Small Linux, a very small Linux distribution
  • Danish Sign Language
  • Deep Scattering Layer
  • Definitive software library
  • Design Science License, a copyleft license for intellectual property
  • Diagnostic Systems Laboratories, a company now part of Beckman-Coulter
  • Dictionary of the Scots Language
  • Domain-specific language, a computer language designed for a specific problem domain
  • Dominican Summer League, a branch of affiliated minor league baseball played in the Dominican Republic
  • DSL, a French electronic music act signed to Ed Banger Records
  • Desired Sensation Level, an algorithm for the fitting of digital hearing aids to the wearers remaining hearing capabilities
  • Domestic Substances List, a list of approximately 23,000 substances manufactured in, imported into or used in Canada on a commercial scale
  • Deutsche Schule Lagos, or the German School Lagos