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Crossword clues for drupes


n. (plural of drupe English)

Usage examples of "drupes".

There were berries and drupes that I had no names for, but also the tender tips of leaves and flower buds, a bowlful of nectar-heavy blossoms, and finely shaved tree bark.

The sexual life of the king was much too important to be conducted in darkness and hidden glades, so on the next day, after the fishermen had brought in their first substantial catch and women had boiled their unpromising pandanus drupes, Tupuna announced that his wife Teura had ascertained that the time of the month was propitious and that their king, Tamatoa, would that afternoon lie with his wife Natabu.

Close to the stream, I found a shrub that was trailing its burden of salmon-yellow drupes on the giant mosses.