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a. (en-superlative of: drunk)

Usage examples of "drunkest".

One rises and proposes a toast to the father of the bride, who is the drunkest and happiest of the lot.

Caesar when he had Burgundus for company, so they were able to sit in the most peaceful part of that turbulent room and watch the local sport, which mostly seemed to consist in plying the drunkest youngster there with more wine and speculating upon how much longer he would manage to keep it down.

The Simes who had nursed their need, conserving it for this occasion, had taken transfer, and the drunkest of them had already sought out their spouses and settled down to enjoy postsyndrome.

He tramped heavily on the stair, letting them know within that the drunkest mother on the island, Neal His Bloody Majesty Prince, was about to integrate their little rainbow paradise, and pushed into the hot, dark room.

Lauris wished with all her heart that she were married to the lowliest, crudest, drunkest peasant, with no shoes, no learning, four children to tend and a fifth swelling in her belly.

She paused only long enough to grip the upper arm of the drunkest male in the room.

Daniel now perceived that Brick Tower had been conceived as a mustering-place where the very bravest, drunkest, or stupidest knights in the Tower of London would gather in preparation for a sally.

Hawk, something in his scarred face and single cold eye that gave even the drunkest hardcase pause.

There was something about Hawk, something in the scarred face and single cold eye that gave even the drunkest hardcase pause for thought.

They wandered wherever they wished, and even the drunkest and most brutish-looking guests resisted the impulse to slap them away.