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a. (en-comparative of: drunk)

Usage examples of "drunker".

Ravick had been in power too long, and he was drunker on it than Bish Ware ever got on Baldur honey-rum.

When I turned back from the bar I was nose to nose and elsewhere with a piece of blonde business in a frantic decolletage who was drunker than two billy goats.

Marion would show with his Pekingese dog troupe, which always got drunker, and sicker, than he.

Peter snd Sally were deep in argument over her wedding plans, Lou and Keith were in the throes of becoming acquainted, and Beverly was getting drunker by the minute.

Jones was drunker than anybody, reeling about the room, good-naturedly banging the men on the back, kissing the ladies' hands, singing songs rather too ribald for the tastes of the church crowdalthough like good Christians they forgave him when they discovered the quality of his liquorand buttonholing community leaders to express his confidence in the American way and the blessings it had brought to him on this Christmas Eve.

Nelson was as drunk as a skunk, and getting drunker by the minute.

He had begun to repeat two remarks that seemed wittier as he got drunker: first, that if you were a connoisseur of Kirschner's bologna and iceberg lettuce you were in like Flynn here, bo, and second, that all assistant professors were like T.

They also appeared to get drunker on the two servings than anyone else did.

But it was a pestilential place, and the Englishmen got drunker and nastier every day, and so those who’d survived the initial rounds of diseases and hurricanes had pulled up stakes and moved inland, passing through a land of jungle-covered Pyramids (lengthy, implausible yarns deleted here), and straying across the Isthmus of Tehuantepec (or so Jack—who’d been studying maps—inferred), to the Pacific Coast, and then wandering up this way.