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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Drunkenly \Drunk"en*ly\, adv. In a drunken manner. [R.]


adv. In a drunken manner


adv. showing effects of much strong drink; "He sang drunkenly"

Usage examples of "drunkenly".

As the closing bars of the elegant waltz filled the ballroom, Acer shoved his way drunkenly through the dancers, marching toward Rackford and Daphne.

Weary looked at him and shook his head and put the tailgate up and drove off down the gravel toward the bivouac, carrying two drunks, who both fatuously drunkenly imagined, that once in a dream somewhere, sometime, somespace, they had managed for a moment to touch another human soul and understand it.

A ribboned fontange snagged in her hair, tilted drunkenly as she raised her head, then slithered to the floor unheeded.

Indeed, over the last few days the figures had seemed to lurch drunkenly from peak to peak, climbing ever higher, and Frau Gussel could see no end to it.

I had drunkenly labored for many minutes to roll to the crest, and looking out over the downhill slope I see a small hunched woman in what I am thinking is a metal hat far below at the bottom, attempting the crossing of the Swiss Provincial Autoroute at the bottom, in the middle of the Provincial Autoroute, this woman, standing and staring in the terror at one of the hated long and shiny many-wheeled trucks of our paper invaders, bearing down upon her at high speeds in the hurry to come despoil part of the Swiss land.

Having imbibed nothing more than the reeky air around him, Colin staggered drunkenly to the front door.

The girl went backward, walking like an automaton, and Khemsa reeled drunkenly after her, hands vainly outstretched, groaning, slobbering in his pain, his feet moving heavily like dead things.

In the full dawn Taramis reeled drunkenly from the temple, her eyes blazing with demoniac triumph.

He had just been thinking about the tight grip of a slender hand which had fallen upon his arm that afternoon when a red-headed riverman lurched drunkenly from a doorway ahead.

Its hide hung loosely upon its frame, and its rugose, dead-eyed rudiment of a head swayed drunkenly from side to side.

I located the spear by tripping over it, picked my topee from a bush and clapped it onto my head, and walked somewhat drunkenly back to where the maharaja sat, still on horse-back, waiting as some of his men approached at a fast trot.

Some distance out of Vannes on the road back to the farm, they came to a crossroads where a signpost that lurched drunkenly pointed the way to Kercholin.

Waterline bullet holes were drinking seawater and giving back air, making the sea bubble and bloop drunkenly.

The Hairy Horror is standing beside the window holding his rum bottle by the neck, his great, ugly, tattooed phiz smiling drunkenly.

LuAnn moaned and closed her eyes, her head swaying drunkenly from side to side as Riggs attacked her neck.