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drunken revelry

n. a wild gathering involving excessive drinking and promiscuity [syn: orgy, debauch, debauchery, saturnalia, riot, bacchanal, bacchanalia]

Usage examples of "drunken revelry".

The lurid lights and drunken revelry fell away behind the Cimmerian.

It was a Beltide child, conceived during the drunken revelry of the spring rites, a time when her people, the forest dwellers, and the people of the Icescarp Alps assembled in the groves where mountain and forest met.

Even the traditional drunken revelry in the streets following the public nameday banquet for Priam was less than enthusiastic last night.

It seemed a bit early in the day for drunken revelry, and that indicated two possibilities to me.

From within the narrow houses, we heard the sounds of shouting, laughter and drunken revelry.

The drunken revelry had eased, and though he could see life and movement in a few of the rooms above the various hotels, most of the miners had apparently collapsed into an exhausted and drunken sleep.

The crush of the falling masts, the heavy beating of the ship on the sands, which caused many of her timbers to part, with a whole sea which swept clean over the fated vessel, checked the songs and drunken revelry of the crew.

Captured gold and wine flowed freely, as drunken revelry and raucous gaiety prevailed.

I have fomented the quarrels of our foes, and heated drunken revelry into murderous broil.

He'd lost the medallion on a night of drunken revelry, which was as it should be Mei pen rai.

The price of food, drink, and female companionship was far too high for him, and the necessity of earning a living left no time for the long trip there and back, or the hours of drunken revelry in between.

Tomas so prized in the drunken revelry of idle nobles who could converse on no topic more serious than who was whose mistress, and what were the prospects for the fall campaign, and weren’.

From their right, the sounds of drunken revelry pounded through the side of Hattigan's.