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vb. (obsolete spelling of drunk English)

Usage examples of "drunke".

Then trembling yet through feare, the Squire bespake,That Geauntesse Argante is behight,A daughter of the Titans which did makeWarre against heauen, and heaped hils on hight,To scale the skyes, and put Ioue from his right:Her sire Typhoeus was, who mad through merth,And drunke with bloud of men, slaine by his might,Through incest, her of his owne mother EarthWhilome begot, being but halfe twin of that berth.

Gerard writes: 'The roots of the Male Fern, being taken in the weight of half an ounce, driveth forth long flat worms, as Dioscorides writeth, being drunke in mede or honied water, and more effectually if it be given with two scruples, or two third parts of a dram of scammonie, or of black hellebore: they that will use it, must first eat garlicke.

Gerard writes: 'Dioscorides saith that the floures of Oxeie made up in a seare cloth doe asswage and washe away cold hard swellings, and it is reported that if they be drunke by and by after bathing, they make them in a short time wellcoloured that have been troubled with the yellow jaundice.