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The Collaborative International Dictionary

drosky \dros"ky\ (dr[o^]s"k[y^]), n.; pl. Droskies (dr[o^]s"k[i^]z). [Russ. drojki, dim. of drogi a kind of carriage, prop. pl. of droga shaft or pole of a carriage.] A low, four-wheeled, open carriage, formerly used in Poland and Russia, consisting of a kind of long, narrow bench, on which the passengers ride as on a saddle, with their feet reaching nearly to the ground. Other kinds of vehicles have been so called, esp. a kind of victoria drawn by one or two horses, and used as a public carriage in German cities.


n. (alternative form of droshky English)


n. an open horse-drawn carriage with four wheels; formerly used in Poland and Russia [syn: droshky]

Usage examples of "drosky".

I knew nothing of this, of course, and on the penultimate day of the Congress, a Friday, as I was strolling home enjoying the morning after a strenuous late breakfast with Caprice, I was taken flat aback by Blowitz's moon face goggling at me from the window of a drosky drawn up near my hotel.