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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Dropwort \Drop"wort`\ (dr[o^]p"w[^u]rt`), n. (Bot.) An Old World species of Spir[ae]a ( Spir[ae]a filipendula), with finely cut leaves. [1913 Webster] ||


n. A perennial herb, (taxlink Filipendula vulgaris species noshow=1), closely related to meadowsweet.


Dropwort is a common name for several plants and may refer to:

  • Filipendula vulgaris, an herb in the Rosaceae family, growing in dry meadows, commonly referred to as dropwort in the United Kingdom
  • Oenanthe, a genus of plants in the Apiaceae family, growing in moist habitats, commonly referred to as water dropworts
    • Oenanthe crocata, hemlock water dropwort, a poisonous plant native to Europe
    • Oenanthe javanica, water dropwort, an edible plant native to Asia
  • Oxypolis, a genus of plants in the Apiaceae family sometimes referred to as dropworts in North America

Usage examples of "dropwort".

And his father knew the plants of the marshlands Bed Straw and Ox Eye, Seedbox and Frog Fruit, Strangleweed and Dropwort and he knew the creatures of the Gulf waters blue crabs, grass shrimp, hermits, coquinas, sea anemones and sea leeches.

Mind you, that man was a Creeping Foxglove/Mouse Cress/Climbing Elderberry/Water Dropwort, and his father was no better.

The species most commonly termed Water Hemlock is Cenanthe crocata, the Hemlock Water Dropwort, a common plant in England, especially in the southern counties, in ditches and watering places, but not occurring in Scandinavia, Holland, Germany, Russia, Turkey or Greece.

There was henbane, used by Doctor Crippen, and hemlock water dropwort, which Jake often used as a poultice for horses with sore backs.

The name Water Hemlock is, though incorrectly, often popularly applied to several species of Cenanthe, the genus of the Water Dropworts, which of all the British umbelliferous plants are the most poisonous.