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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ The rain fell in tiny, miserable droplets that were blown about by the wind.
▪ Some of the vapor condenses as tiny liquid droplets that cool rapidly.
▪ Through her half-closed eyelids she could see the tiny droplets of water glistening on his skin.
▪ It is only infectious in tiny airborne droplets of 5 microns or less, breathed into the lungs.
▪ When water diffuses into an elastomer the water droplets form impurity sites.
▪ As frozen crystals come into contact as water droplets they fuse together forming even bigger crystals.
▪ Tilt the condensation tray at one end to prevent the water droplets from falling on the leaves and spoiling them.
▪ Donna could feel perspiration soaking into her blouse and droplets beading on her forehead.
▪ His heart was thudding hard against his ribs and he felt the first droplet of perspiration pop on to his forehead.
▪ On the cabbage leaves of the cannas, huge, shining droplets of water repose.
▪ On the map it looks rather like an amoeba in the process of ingesting two small droplets of water.
▪ The wind whipped droplets of condensation into his face, where they mingled with his tears.
▪ Thus to speed up the fundamental combustion process requires that the fuel droplets be made as Small as possible.
▪ With extensive trauma or in filariasis, the presence of triglycerides increases with the triglycerides forming fat droplets.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

droplet \drop"let\, n. A little drop; a tear.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

c.1600, from drop (n.) + diminutive suffix -let.


n. A very small drop.


n. a tiny drop

Usage examples of "droplet".

They slid along the structure like droplets of water along the wires of a wet birdcage, and passed over and through each other like waves, whether they met moving about the armature or sailing through the space inside.

And moreover, all of us can feel which droplets and splinters of the birdcage critter are Charlie and Leslie.

The fine droplets hissed through the tree branches and spattered on the large, broad leaves with a rhythm like the bodhran drams of the old country.

He remembers how Cindy that time stood on the centerboard and the Sunfish came upright again, its mast hurling arcs of droplets against the sky.

Droplets of water glistened in the dark-brown depths and then fell to the floor at his feet as Cottrell carelessly scattered them with the movement of his large, blunt fingers.

He had only an impression of healthy pink skin, elegantly slender curves, and rose-tipped breasts as she ignored the stone stairway and launched herself rnto the water from where she stood, entering it cleanly and shallowly in an arching, graceful dive that sprayed diamond droplets in her wake.

Bent on revenge, the dragon sped toward the dinotherium, leaving a trail of blood droplets floating behind her.

After two more, the room became so steamy Fianna felt droplets of moisture gathering on her skin.

In advance of the main mass of flames, an incandescent cloud of fiery particles envelops the waterfront in droplets of blazing gasoline.

The weird blue light of the cavern glimmered along the strands and turned the sticky droplets that clung to them into gemlike things that rivaled moonstones and pearls.

I could see droplets of sweat caught in the curly hairs of his chest, and his nipples, dark buds in the dim light.

The ipomoea stayed briefly, held by the tension of droplets, and then, carried off by them, drifted to the ground.

For a while, Penn Brown concentrates on using his pipette to spot microliter droplets into the wells.

Ghosts, so they looked like sprays of blood droplets across that shining perfection.

Brutus had apparently waded or swum ashore, for his waistcloth clung to him wetly, and his skin gleamed with droplets from the sea.