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Drom is a commune in the Ain department in eastern France.

In the commune there is a dairy selling comté cheese, butter, cream, fromage blanc and newly resurrected medieval fromage de CLON made from local milk, and three 'Artisans d'art'.

Usage examples of "drom".

Most Holy Lobsang Drom Rinpoche sat naked in the cave that was his home high in the Himalayas.

Yet the stone floor in a circle around Lobsang Drom was moist with melted snow.

Lobsang Drom retired to a cave high in the mountains to meditate, subsisting on barley and bitterness.

Having had no entertainment in many years, Lobsang Drom lifted his lowhanging head and cocked it to one side.

Lobsang Drom struggled to retain his balance as the Tibetan led the pony around in a circle and started down the precarious two-foot-wide mountain pass.

Most Holy Lobsang Drom Rinpoche, who is destined to find the lost Bunji Lama.

Most Holy Lobsang Drom Rinpoche wrenched his stricken eyes from the screen.

But Lobsang Drom contorted his long face with every sentence that reached his ears.

They wore the traditional del of the Mongol nomad and bowed when the Master of Sinanju, Kula and Lobsang Drom stepped from the parked limousine.

LAX, Lobsang Drom and Kula the Mongol looked to Remo Williams with expectation writ large on their faces.

Master of Sinanju, destined to be known as Chiun the Great, and I bring with me the Most Holy Lobsang Drom Rinpoche and Kula the Mongol.

Lobsang Drom walked proud with his head held high, but no one had eyes for him.

Chiun blazed a trail through the snow sufficient for the Bunji Lama, Kula and Lobsang Drom to follow safely.

Part of it he had endured jolting along in a cart behind a drom, and much had been spent on foot.

Callista flanked Drom Guldi as they fought their way back to Echo Base.