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Drita (magazine)

Drita (Drita meaning "light" in English) is an Albanian literary magazine published by the Association of the Young Modern Artists of Albania . Drita was one of the first magazines in the Albanian language. It has been published for 127 years with some interruptions.

Drita (name)

Drita is an Albanian female given name, which means "light" . The name may refer to:

  • Drita Como (1958–1981), Albanian poet
  • Drita D'Avanzo (born 1976), American reality television participant
  • Drita Kotaji (born 1960), Belgian singer
  • Drita Pelingu (1926–2013), Albanian actress

Drita may refer to:

  • Drita Albanian Folk Orchestra
  • Drita (name), an Albanian female name, with the meaning "light"
  • Drita (magazine), an Albanian magazine founded by Petro Poga
  • KF Drita, a football club based in Gnjilane, Kosovo
  • FK Drita, a football club based in the village of Bogovinje near Tetovo, Republic of Macedonia
Drita (newspaper)

'Drita ' is a newspaper published in Albania.

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