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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

see dreck.


n. (alternative spelling of dreck English)

Usage examples of "drek".

Soon they were on the way, with Drek and the Princesses back in the pouch.

The three huddled, then sang, played, and beat, and the image of Drek appeared.

Maybe if the Quest had been for Ryver, there would have been a Ryver Route, going to different places, or a Princess Route for the three, or even a Drek Route for the dragon.

Meanwhile she saw that Drek was elongating along the nearby thread, getting close to it, facing its entry into the wall.

Even Drek Dragon got to dance with a slinky lady dragon, in their fashion, and she loved his perfume.

Karia flicked herself and flew up beside it, while Drek moved sinuously below it.

I have to return the Princesses to Castle Roogna, and Drek Dragon to his home in the Purple Mountains.

Cory and Tessa had one room, Ryver and Cube had another, Charles Horse had a nice stone stall, and the Princesses, Karia, and Drek were gone.

I can reverse that trend all by my lonesome, but I sure as drek can decide not to make it any worse.

When I opened my eyes, miscellaneous drek was still raining out of the skies onto the sidewalk and parked cars.

Sure, DocWagon mouthpieces were screaming that the whole thing was a set-up, that Crashcart was hiring street thugs to shoot the drek out of DocWagon vehicles and then pull a quick fade when the Crashcart buggies arrived.

For the first few weeks, she spent most of her waking hours with simsense drek pouring directly into her brain.

Well, okay, sure, I looked like some piece of street drek the rat dragged in.

I redirected the cab toward Purity, and immediately began to feel like a piece of drek for letting her go like that.

There was some brief hope that the rest of Redmond would somehow be able to pull Kingsgate out of the drek, but of course Kingsgate was an omen of what was in store for the rest of the area.