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vb. (en-past of: dree)

Usage examples of "dreed".

At last when as the Sarazin perceiu'd,How that straunge sword refusd, to serue his need,But when he stroke most strong, the dint deceiu'd,He flong it from him, and deuoyd of dreed,Vpon him lightly leaping without heed,Twixt his two mighty armes engrasped fast,Thinking to ouerthrow and downe him tred:But him in strength and skill the Prince surpast,And through his nimble sleight did vnder him down cast.

At last of her farre off he gained vew:Then gan he freshly pricke his fomy steed,And euer as he nigher to her drew,So euermore he did increase his speed,And of each turning still kept warie heed:Aloud to her he oftentimes did call,To doe away vaine doubt, and needlesse dreed:Full myld to her he spake, and oft let fallMany meeke wordes, to stay and comfort her withall.

With no lesse haste, and eke with no lesse dreed,That fearefull Ladie fled from him, that mentTo her no euill thought, nor euill deed.

Prince Arthure ouercomes Disdaine,Quites Mirabell from dreed:Serena, found of Saluages,By Calepine is freed.

I remember the day on the Bridge of Dreed, how his face even then resembled my own.

He was gaunt, pale, almost cadaverous—a far cry from the robust man who had stood on the Bridge of Dreed nine years ago awaiting the arrival of his Solamnic hostage.

Ne dreed hem nat, doth hem no reverence, For though thyn housbonde armed be in maille, The arwes of thy crabbed eloquence Shal perce his brest and eek his aventaille.