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Usage examples of "drede".

Thus can a squier do a gentle deed, As well as can a knight, withoute drede.

She nevere cessed, as I writen fynde, Of hir preyere, and God to love and drede, Bisekynge hym to kepe hir maydenhede.

Adam oure fader, and his wyf also, Fro Paradys to labour and to wo Were dryven for that vice, it is no drede.

Gyld, I will keep with me until Drede is finished, and then Gyld will bring the King to me at the wizard’s tower in Mondor.

That is what I cannot forgive Drede: that Norrel died alone, without help, without comfort.

I woke, still hearing his voice, and in the moment of my waking, I thought of Drede and I felt pity for him, because he could not have what Norrel had.