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Usage examples of "dream-like".

It appeared now almost dream-like, this watery wasteland, not subject to normal laws of hature and causation.

In a dream-like state I envisioned the final struggles of a primordial protocell trying to properly align its pigmented spot to sunlight for the energy required to keep itself buoyant and replicate.

Also, a warehouseman is a guy who stands around a lot smoking cigarettes, in a dream-like state.

Haines, in a dream-like fashion, seemed to remember descending these stairs, and thought they were now nearing the chamber in which he and Chanler had been interviewed by the hidden entity, Vulthoom.

He felt wide-awake after the long day drowsing, and yet there was something curiously dream-like about walking through the foreign dark, the soft black boots of the guide making hushing noises over the stones, the smoke of cooking fires drifting from the nearby houses, muted light filtering from behind screens and out of windows, and once a snatch of unfamiliar song in a woman’s voice.

Then he was possessed by a troublous doubt, by an inenarrable sense of dislocation, and a dream-like vagueness which attached itself to the world about him.

Without the reptiles, the lagoons and the creeks of office blocks half-submerged in the immense heat would have had a strange dream-like beauty, but the iguanas and basilisks brought the fantasy down to earth.

Again, are men the factors of some dream, the dream-like unsubstantiality of which they comprehend at such eventful moments?