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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Check all zips and drawstrings are running smoothly before you set off camping.
▪ He crossed the street, carrying the book bag by its drawstrings, heading for the parked cop car.
▪ He pulled out his tobacco pouch and pulled the drawstrings open.
▪ Jane pulled on her trousers and tied the drawstring.
▪ Other features: elasticated drawstring at waist, elasticated ankle.

n. A string or cord, encased in a fabric tube, with one or more small openings into the tube, on a bag or garment, allowing the item to be closed (as with a bag) or tightened (as with sweatpants or a bathing suit).


n. a tie consisting of a cord that goes through a seam around an opening; "he pulled the drawstring and closed the bag" [syn: drawing string, string]


A drawstring (draw string, draw-string) is a string, cord, lace, or rope used to "draw" ( gather, or shorten) fabric or other material. The ends of the drawstring may be tied to hold it in place (and/or simultaneously close an opening). Alternately, the drawstring may be kept drawn using a cordlock. Typically, the drawstring is loose when not being used, and tightened when needed during use.

A drawstring may be threaded through a hem or casing (a continuous tube of material) or laced through holes, which may be lined with eyelets. It may also be laced through loops attached to the material, in the same way that belt loops are. A very wide, flat drawstring becomes a belt.

Usage examples of "drawstring".

Then the fat canvas bag was in his hands, the contents crunched nuttily as he tore at the drawstring.

His insolent fingers dropped to the drawstring that held her pantalets secure at her waist.

Ayla lifted her tunic, unloosened the drawstring ties from around the waist of her leggings, and lowered the side enough to show her left thigh.

Beldrune dug in with both hands until the bowl was empty, then smiled apologetically, burped, and took his worry stone from its drawstring pouch.

The clothes fit well enough, though the drawstrings at waist and neck left room for variations.

In place of the exotic garb she was wearing in the 2-D opticals Kalenda had seen, Elan was now attired in drawstring trousers and a hooded overshirt.

Even Squire Myrkle had enough sense to pull the drawstring tight before having loosed more than the linkmen could carry back in their baskets.

All she could do was tug at the drawstring at his waist with one hand while the other slid down the front of the soft sweatpants to shape his sex.

Impatient to feel something strong and hard filling emptiness inside, she untied the drawstring and pushed the sweatpants to his thighs.

Derek had a Beefeater martini and I had a glass of white wine that made my lips pull together like a drawstring purse.

She was dressed casually, in loose, drawstring natural linen pants and a blue camisole, with a gauzy white shirt worn loose over the camisole.

She could have been a Roman goddess, enshrouded in her white terrycloth robe, the drawstring cinched tight, accentuating her slender curves.

He slipped the deerskin booties onto the feet of each patiently standing dog and pulled the drawstrings firm, tying them in place.

There was a chain attached to the drawstring closing the net's mouth, and the figure of Gildmirth held its free end firmly with several bights wrapped round the wrist for surer purchase.

The gaoler's eyes had gone big as boiled eggs as he yanked open- the drawstring and beheld the glint of gold.