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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Drap is a commune in the Alpes-Maritimes department in southeastern France.

Usage examples of "drap".

Mickle a drap o' water has passed beneath mony a bridge since Tully last heard fresh tidings.

It cannae be seen, nor touched, but it imbues e'en a pickle o' wheat, a drap o' milk.

General Drap was already waiting for him when he arrived in the command room.

He and Drap bent studiously over the table as he began to issue orders.

Peredan let the fray continue for a while, holding a running conversation with Drap about this aspect or that of the developing battle.

I, for my pairt, confess nae obligation but to drap workin, and sit doon wi' clean han's, or as clean as I can weel mak them, to the speeritooal table o' my Lord, whaur I aye try as weel to weir a clean and a cheerfu' face--that is, sae far as the sermon will permit--and there's aye a pyke o' mate somewhaur intil 't!

With the point of the pole still thrust out from its forehead and the Lavas banner drapped over its shoulders like a cloak, the Eika plunged on, roaring.

I'd begun to think he'd drapped off to sleep, when he riz up and said: “Breck, git hold of Soapy Jackson and tell him to sneak out of camp and stay hid till the mornin’ of the eleventh.

The instant the covering fire stopped, Macurdy rose to his knees, pumping silent plasma charges toward the men who'd shot, then drapped prone again.

The ship was halfway to starlight when the shaken Jenet appeared at the cockpit hatchway, one bare arm drapped over Meewalh's shoulders, the other around C-3PO's.

My grandsire gied Sandie a siller tester to pit in his gun wi' the leid draps, bein mair deidly again bogles.

When the corp was examined the leid draps hadnae played buff upon the warlock's body.