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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
ducks and drakes
▪ Bill of drake blackish, of duck greyish.
▪ Black head and neck separate drake from similarly patterned drake Pochard.
▪ Crested drake has strikingly variegated plumage, with conspicuous orange-chestnut wing-fans and side-whiskers.
▪ Mainly silent, but drake has low descending whistle, ending in a trill: and duck a harsh croak.
▪ Many duck species are polygamous, with the drakes having no role in rearing the families.
▪ Plumage of drakes predominantly black, of ducks mainly brown; tail short, pointed.
▪ The drake is smart rather than spectacular in appearance.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Drake \Drake\ (dr[=a]k), n. [Akin to LG. drake, OHG. antrache, anetrecho, G. enterich, Icel. andriki, Dan. andrik, OSw. andrak, andrage, masc., and fr. AS. ened, fem., duck; akin to D. eend, G. ente, Icel. ["o]nd, Dan. and, Sw. and, Lith. antis, L. anas, Gr. ? (for ?), and perh. Skr. [=a]ti a water fowl. [root]207. In English the first part of the word was lost. The ending is akin to E. rich. Cf. Gulaund.]

  1. The male of the duck kind.

  2. [Cf. Dragon fly, under Dragon.] The drake fly.

    The drake will mount steeple height into the air.

    Drake fly, a kind of fly, sometimes used in angling.

    The dark drake fly, good in August.


Drake \Drake\, n. [AS. draca dragon, L. draco. See Dragon.]

  1. A dragon. [Obs.]

    Beowulf resolves to kill the drake.
    --J. A. Harrison (Beowulf).

  2. A small piece of artillery. [Obs.]

    Two or three shots, made at them by a couple of drakes, made them stagger.


Drake \Drake\, n. [Cf. F. dravik, W. drewg, darnel, cockle, etc.] Wild oats, brome grass, or darnel grass; -- called also drawk, dravick, and drank. [Prov. Eng.]
--Dr. Prior.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"male duck," c.1300, unrecorded in Old English but may have existed then, from West Germanic *drako (cognates: Low German drake, second element of Old High German anutrehho, dialectal German Drache).


archaic for "dragon," from Old English draca "dragon, sea monster, huge serpent," from Proto-Germanic *drako (cognates: Middle Dutch and Old Frisian drake, Dutch draak, Old High German trahho, German drache), an early borrowing from Latin draco (see dragon).


Etymology 1 n. A male duck. Etymology 2

n. 1 A mayfly used as fishing bait. 2 A dragon. 3 (context historical English) A small piece of artillery.

Drake, ND -- U.S. city in North Dakota
Population (2000): 322
Housing Units (2000): 201
Land area (2000): 1.973850 sq. miles (5.112249 sq. km)
Water area (2000): 0.047390 sq. miles (0.122740 sq. km)
Total area (2000): 2.021240 sq. miles (5.234989 sq. km)
FIPS code: 20300
Located within: North Dakota (ND), FIPS 38
Location: 47.923793 N, 100.371284 W
ZIP Codes (1990): 58736
Note: some ZIP codes may be omitted esp. for suburbs.
Drake, ND

A drake is a male duck. By different roots drake is also another word for dragon. Drake (capitalised) may refer to:

Drake (ward)

Drake is an election ward within Plymouth, Devon, England. One of the main roads from the city to Tavistock and Dartmoor runs through the ward. In the past it played an important role in the supply of water to Plymouth, and it was the location of both a fatal bomb explosion and a large unexploded bomb during the Plymouth Blitz. The University of Plymouth has its main campus in this ward and the large student population has led to part of it being designated as one of the four areas subject to Designated Public Places Orders in the city. It is also the location of the city's main railway station, museum and public library.

Drake (surname)

Drake is an Old English surname of Anglo-Saxon and Latin origin.

Drake (given name)

Drake is a masculine given name of English origin meaning "Dragon" or "Snake".

Those bearing it include:

Drake (musician)

Aubrey Drake Graham (born October 24, 1986), known professionally as Drake, is a Canadian rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, and actor. Drake initially gained recognition as an actor on the teen drama series Degrassi: The Next Generation in the early 2000s. Intent on pursuing a solo career as a rapper, he departed the series in 2007 following the release of his debut mixtape, Room for Improvement. He would go onto release two further independent projects before signing to Lil Wayne's Young Money Entertainment in June 2009.

Drake would release his debut studio album, Thank Me Later, in 2010 to commercial success. Thank Me Later would debut at number one on the U.S. Billboard 200 and was soon certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). His next two releases, 2011's Take Care and 2013's Nothing Was the Same, were worldwide successes, with certifications of quadruple and triple platinum respectively in U.S. sales, with the former also earning him his first Grammy Award for Best Rap Album. They were followed by two mixtapes, with the trap influenced If You're Reading This It's Too Late, and a collaboration with Future for What a Time to Be Alive, in 2015. Each mixtape saw widespread commercial success, with the former being certified double platinum in the U.S., as well as to rave critical reception. Drake would release his fourth album, Views, in 2016, breaking numerous chart records in the process. Views sat atop the Billboard 200 for ten nonconsecutive weeks, becoming the first album by a solo male to do so in over 10 years. It also saw Drake leading the Billboard Hot 100 and the Billboard 200 simultaneously for eight weeks, breaking the previous record of seven held by both Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston. It also achieved double platinum status in the U.S., and earned over 1 million album-equivalent units in the first week of its release.

Alongside his Grammy Award win, Drake has won three Juno Awards and six BET Awards. He also occupies the highest number of singles to reach number one on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart. He has the most number ones on the Hot Rap Songs, Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay and Rhythmic Charts.

Drake has developed other ventures, including his OVO Sound record label with longtime collaborator Noah "40" Shebib. Drake acts as a producer, producing under the pseudonym of Champagne Papi. Using the "OVO" moniker, Drake has his own clothing line and his own channel on Beats 1. He is also currently acting as the global ambassador for NBA franchise, the Toronto Raptors.

Drake (ship)

Several ships have been named Drake:

  • Drake, a 17th-century English Navy ship, 6th rate, commanded in 1688 by John Tyrrell (Oakley)
  • Drake class cruiser
  • Ella Drake, U.S. wooden schooner built in 1868 Official no. 185702
  • M.M. Drake, a tug built in 1879, Official no. 91151, After burning in 1899, hull rebuilt and renamed Jessie, abandoned in 1920
  • L.W. Drake, U.S. wooden barge built 1881, Official no. 45145, stranded and abandoned under Canadian registry in 1903
  • '' SS M.M. Drake (1882)'', U.S. wooden schooner, Official no. 91485, foundered with her tow, the schooner Michigan, off Vermilion Point in 1901

Usage examples of "drake".

Tim had always found himself especially attuned to the deserted charms of Candie Gardens in winter, enjoying the bare traceries of the trees and the widened harbour view, the few points of colour against the monochrome background - the red and pink of the camellias near the top gate, the hanging yellow bells of the winter-flowering abutilon with their red clappers, even the iridescence of the mallard drake circling the largest of the ponds with his speckled mate.

David Drake contributed an Introduction to the former, while the final volume featured a reprint Introduction by the late Karl Edward Wagner and an Afterword by Gerald W.

In his afterword, Dave Drake will have a lot more to say about this story.

When all hands were accounted for, Drake ordered the ship turned to align the photon drive with the direction of flight.

Great-grandfather himself who proposed to Drake the use of devil ships against the Spanish Armada as it lay anchored in Calais Roads, may it not?

I knew it was going to be hard getting the aquamanile from Drake, but the look in his eye told me it was going to be harder than I thought.

Drake would hardly be likely to leave the aquamanile lying around where I could easily get at it.

I kept a firm hold on the aquamanile as Drake pulled me tighter against him.

Drake mention something about the aquamanile being one of a set of three?

The most fervent patriot must admit that the early voyages of Drake were, to put it mildly, of a buccaneering kind, although his late voyages were more nearly akin to privateering cruises than piracy.

Certain it is, that when British sea-rovers like Drake and Frobisher, captured Spanish galleons on the high seas, and on searching their holds for treasure, found bags of cacao, they flung them overboard in scorn.

Lansing Drake, who had landed with Dolce on his right and Charlene on his left.

Greek and Lithuanian household mythology the dragon or drake has become an ogre, a gigantic man with few of the dracontine attributes remaining.

Runner drolly, as he unwrapped the parcel, and handed Drake its contents.

Drake could see to treat wounds, and everyone had been accounted for, they discovered that Regin and Filix had been killed by more of the things.