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n. 1 A perennial herb of Europe and Asia, variously named ''Persicaria bistorta'', syn. (taxlink Polygonum bistorta species noshow=1) or (taxlink Bistorta officinalis species noshow=1), formerly used as an astringent. 2 A perennial herb of Greece and the Balkans, (taxlink Dracunculus vulgaris species noshow=1).


Dragonwort is a common name for a plant which may refer to:

  • Artemisia dracunculus, also known as tarragon, an edible aromatic herb in the daisy ( Asteraceae) family
  • Dracunculus vulgaris, also known as dragon arum, a flowering plant in the arum ( Araceae) family
  • Persicaria bistorta, also known as bistort, a plant in the knotweed ( Polygonaceae) family, once classified as Polygonum bistorta.
  • Arisaema dracontium, also known as green dragon, a herbaceous perennial native to North America. Dracontium meant "dragonwort" in classical Latin.