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Drach is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • David Paul Drach (1791–1868), Alsatian-Catican Roman Catholic librarian of Jewish descent
  • Eduard Drach (born 1965)
  • Ivan Drach (born 1936), Ukrainian poet, screenwriter, literary critic and politician
  • Michel Drach (1930–1990), French film director, writer, producer and actor
  • Vanja Drach (1932–2009), Croatian theatre and film actor

Usage examples of "drach".

On this paper I have the names of every one of you: Keffer, Ruppel, Beildeck, Gotz, Von Spyre, Mentelin, Neumeister, Eggestein, Spiess, Krantz, Drach, Stein, Remboldt, Renner, Wolff.

Adding some new tour dates for the Drachs, any good reviews we got and stuff like that.

It should make life interesting for the Drachs, having Cath driving them around.