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Duquesne Light Holdings, Inc. (“DLH”) is an energy services holding company formed in 1989 to serve as the holding company for Duquesne Light Company and to engage in certain unregulated energy and related businesses. After a 2007 acquisition, DLH is a wholly owned subsidiary of parent company DQE Holdings LLC, with principal executive offices located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Through its chief subsidiary, Duquesne Light Company, the corporation provides energy to over 588,000 homes and businesses.

DQE (band)

DQE, or Dairy Queen Empire, is a band formed by singer/songwriter Grace Braun, New York photographer Chris Verene and former Fat Day drummer Zak Sitter in 1986 in Atlanta. The band later evolved into one built around the core of Grace Braun (renamed Anna Trodglen) and her husband/drummer, music writer Dugan Trodglen. Past contributors include Justin Hughes, and a present member of the band is John Armstrong.

DQE (disambiguation)

DQE could refer to:

  • DQE Holdings, Inc.
  • De Queen and Eastern Railroad; reporting mark DQE
  • Detective Quantum Efficiency (medical imaging)
  • Doctoral qualifying exam
  • DQE (band)