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DPO may refer to:

  • Dame of the Pontifical Order of Pius IX, female variant of a class in one of the orders of knighthood of the Holy See
  • Data Processing Officer Executive Officer in computer science terminology
  • Data Protection Officer Executive Officer in computer science terminology
  • Data protection official — a corporate official responsible for data protection under the EU's Data Protection Directive
  • Dublin Philharmonic Orchestra
  • " D.P.O.", a 1995 episode of The X-Files
  • Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope
  • Direct public offering
  • Detrended price oscillator
  • Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Dynamic positioning operator
  • Devonport Airport's IATA code
  • Disable Page Out a SCSI bit
  • Diplomatic Post Office: a mailing addresses for diplomatic missions of the United States. Also see: military mail.
  • Discontinued post office
  • Days payables outstanding
  • Days post ovulation, typically used in documenting the start of pregnancy or the onset of menstruation
  • DPO, Display Power Optimizer technology from QuickLogic
  • District Population Officer
  • District Planning Officer

In science:

In computer science:

  • Double pushout graph rewriting