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DPL may refer to:

  • DPL Inc., a public utility in west central Ohio
  • The Debian Project Leader, head of the Debian GNU/Linux distribution
  • the Defensive Patent License
  • Dhaka Premier League, a club List A cricket tournament in Bangladesh
  • Driver: Parallel Lines, the fourth game in the Driver video game series
  • Diagnostic peritoneal lavage, a procedure used to determine whether blunt trauma victims require surgery
  • Delhi Public Library, Located in Delhi, India
  • Denied Person's List, a list of sanctioned parties maintained by the US Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS)
  • Denver Public Library, located in Colorado, USA
  • Detroit Public Library, located in Michigan, USA
  • Dipolog Airport, located in the Philippines
  • Democratic Party (Luxembourg), a liberal political party
  • Descriptor Privilege Level, the highest CPU resource access level on the x86 architecture
  • Dolby Pro Logic, a surround sound processing technology
  • Digital Private Line, a squelch system used by Motorola
  • Delmarva Power and Light Company, a subsidiary of Exelon
  • The FAA identifier for Duplin County Airport
  • Designated place, a Canadian census designation for unincorporated communities in the 100-1,000 population range
  • Dunedin Public Libraries, located in New Zealand
  • Datamax Printer Language, a printer Page description language.
  • Dynamic Page List extension.

dpl may refer to:

  • .dpl, the filename extension of Borland software libraries

Usage examples of "dpl".

Turning, Laria saw her brother Thian, his white lock flopping across his face, on his chunky black pony, Charger, round the bend, Mrg and Dpl trudging along beside him.

Though she had learned to get her tongue around the vowelless TIp and Hgf, Laria used Tip and Muf: Thian called Mrg and Dpl, Mur and Dip.