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init. dots per inch


DPI may refer to:

  • Dots per inch, a measure of printing resolution
  • Dhaka Polytechnic Institute, an educational institution of Bangladesh
  • Deep packet inspection, a form of computer network packet filtering
  • New South Wales Department of Primary Industries (NSW DPI), an Australian governmental unit
  • Department of Public Information, related to U.N.
  • Digital Program Insertion
  • Disabled Peoples' International, an international non-governmental organization
  • Disposable personal income
  • Dry powder inhaler, a drug delivery device
  • Dual Polarisation Interferometry
  • Dye penetrant inspection, a nondestructive testing method
  • SystemVerilog DPI (Direct Programming Interface)

Usage examples of "dpi".

He ran the device over the pages of the articles he was interested in, capturing them at 200 dpi, adequate for OCRing later.