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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Dozen \Doz"en\ (d[u^]z"'n), n.; pl. Dozen (before another noun), Dozens (d[u^]z"'nz). [OE. doseine, dosein, OF. doseine, F. douzaine, fr. douze twelve, fr. L. duodecim; duo two + decem ten. See Two, Ten, and cf. Duodecimal.]

  1. A collection of twelve objects; a tale or set of twelve; with or without of before the substantive which follows. ``Some six or seven dozen of Scots.'' ``A dozen of shirts to your back.'' ``A dozen sons.'' ``Half a dozen friends.''

  2. An indefinite small number.

    A baker's dozen, thirteen; -- called also a long dozen.


n. (plural of dozen English)


n. a large number or amount; "made lots of new friends"; "she amassed a mountain of newspapers" [syn: tons, heaps, lots, mountain, piles, scores, stacks, loads, rafts, slews, wads, oodles, gobs, scads, lashings]

Dozens (disambiguation)

Dozens are groupings of twelve.

Dozens may also refer to:

  • The Dozens, a contest common among African Americans where participants insult each other
  • "The Dozens" (song), a 2010 electronic song

Usage examples of "dozens".

The halfling looked back over his shoulder at the dozens of low wooden cabins dotting the thick rows of trees that comprised Lonelywood.

Yet the task of bringing together dozens of tribes and bending their natural enmity into a common cause of servitude to him was far more challenging.

The room was filled with dozens of ornate and strangely shaped mirrors.

Drizzt could have killed dozens of orcs and goblins, even a verbeeg, though the cessation of its thundering snores might have drawn attention, but he couldn't afford to slow his pace.

Shortly after the second outburst of fighting had begun, the dust cloud of stamping feet once again rose above Icewind Pass as dozens of orc and goblin tribes headed home.

Its walls turned at sharp angles every few feet, creating niches within niches, and dozens and dozens of spires sprouted from its many-angled roof, no two alike.

He crossed to a section of the wall that held dozens of swords and other weapons.

His frame was bent now, and dozens of bones had been cracked and muscles torn.

He had seen dozens of engagements such as this, and normally when the pirates outnumbered their intended victim, the looting was accomplished without bloodshed.

The next room was a great meeting hall, with dozens of chambers directly off it.

Few stalagmites lined this region of the city, but it did not seem so open now, with dozens of anxious drow milling about.

They were far under­ground, several miles, and the caverns continued aim­lessly, connecting chambers large and small and meeting with dozens of side passages.

The walls were lined with shelves that held dozens of large, capped bottles and smaller, hourglass-shaped containers, their tops off and with sealed packets lying next to them.

He passed close by several dark elves, under the more-than-curious eyes of dozens of house guards, standing watch from their parapets along the sides of hollowed stalactites.

The second house considered him breeding stock, and the thought of dozens of little Uthegentals running around brought a sour expression to Jarlaxle's face.